Kill CodeKill Code

A Former Assassin

Leo Marston is done with long-distance murder and he'll do anything to keep it in his past even if he has to make one final kill shot.

A Dead Man

Nathan White seeks revenge from the grave—or so it seems when the computer program he wrote prior to his death begins a systemic killing of prominent government officials whom White has deemed enemies of the State.

A Woman in Trouble

Jackie Winn—White's co-worker and former lover—unknowingly activates the Kill Code program...and then becomes a target herself.

A Fight to the Death

Leo and Jackie form an uneasy alliance in a dangerous attempt to disable the Kill Code program and stop the Black Hand—a group of cunning, professional assassins following the program's directives—from murdering the government officials as dictated by White's crazed plan.

The very fabric of society as we know it hangs in the balance as Leo and Jackie discover what they are made of and risk their lives to defeat the seemingly undefeatable...


Leo Marston hadn't killed anyone in ten years, but when the man stepped into his coin shop, and the hair on the back of his neck rose, he knew that could change today. He didn't recognize the man, but he knew the look of a professional killer; he'd been that man not so many years ago.

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Stock Photo Credits: fog © Jaroslaw Grudzinski | Old Prague © Martin Suchanek
mystical © Coka | shooting mark © Vitaly Raduntsev —